Our vision is to be a growing community of
Christ-centred people who love God, love one another,
love inner-urban Sydney and equip one another for ministry in our daily lives.


We are ordinary people who are loved profusely by God. We gather together and seek to grow in our understanding and practice of this love. Struggles and failures are more common than we’d like but we take great confidence in God’s promises and the example of Jesus.

Our Team

Darryl Soh - Lead Pastor


Darryl grew up on the North Shore but has lived in the Inner West for the past 20 years.  In a previous life, he was an IT auditor for a Big 4 Account firm for 7 years and until recently, was the associate minister at Drummoyne Presbyterian Church.  Darryl is married to Edwina and they have two daughters.  Darryl is loving having his day job of sharing the great news of Jesus with people in a whole heap of different contexts.  Darryl also enjoys hanging out with his family, playing basketball and tennis.


Peter Morphew - Assistant Pastor


Having grown up in Abbotsford, Peter now finds himself back at the church of his childhood and youth. As a Presbyterian minister he worked in parishes, schools and with Scripture Union before returning to Abbotsford Presbyterian Church. Peter and his wife Cassandra have two adult children and are continually amazed at the way God works in the lives of ordinary people to bring about his good purposes. He loves watching sport, family, travel and of course Jesus.


Carmen Wagenaar - Assistant Pastor & Ministry Coordinator


Carmen grew up in Perth, lived in Canada for a few years, before making Sydney her home.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, playing music and drinking coffee with friends.   She loves being part of the church family at Abbotsford and enjoys the privilege of serving and helping others to use their gifts in God's church. 

The Ministry Team

Dean Stell
Session Clerk & Elder

Peter Adcock
YCentral & Elder

Murray Norman

Justin Sweeting
Evening Music & Elder


Karen Astles
Growth Groups

Chris Morphew

Peter Draper
Treasurer & Committee of Management

Tim Hatfield
Morning Music



Chris & Ali Coffee
Mission Coordinators

Rachael Hartin
mainly music

Amy Kern
Meals Ministry



Our Story

The First Gathering…

Of Presbyterians in Abbotsford was at the historic Abbotsford House in 1891.   Subsequently, the church gathered in Renwick Hall which now stands behind the church, and the current church building was opened in 1929.   We have had a long presence on the peninsula.  If you join us one Sunday you will find a warm, welcoming, supportive, cross-generational community endeavouring to love and honour God by the way we live.


Our Values

1. His Word…the Bible

God’s Word is inspired by the Spirit. It is the story of God’s great plan that culminates in Christ Jesus (Luke 24.44-47) to renew the world. Through it, we know God and know how to respond to him (2 Timothy 3.16-17). We are therefore committed to reading, proclaiming and teaching the Bible so that we can humbly respond to Christ in faith, obedience and love.

2. His Invitation to Respond… Prayer

The God, who is Trinity, loves us responding back to him and he has given us prayer as the means of doing this. As God’s people we are committed to individual and corporate prayer in all situations, as an expression of our dependence upon God, through Christ, for all that we have and are (Psalms; Philippians 4.6-7; Colossians 4.2)

3. Proclaiming His Son… Jesus Christ

God’s desire is for all people to be saved through Jesus Christ. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection he is declared to be the Saviour and Lord of the world. We are committed to discipling, training and mentoring God’s people to show this Jesus through word and deed (Luke 24.44-47; Matthew 28.16-20; 1 Peter 3.15).

4. Gathering Together…God’s Family

Through Christ, God has bought us and adopted us into his family. He has encouraged us to meet regularly to encourage one another. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we value meeting together under God’s Word to worship him and encourage one another to live a Christ-shaped life (Ephesians 2.19-22; Hebrews 10.25).

5. God’s Call… Service

Jesus came not to be served but to serve and give his life for us. God calls us to use our gifts, our time and our resources to serve one another and the world. This is how we become mature and Christ-like together (Mark 10.45; 1 Corinthians 12.4-7; Ephesians 4.11-13, Matthew 23.11).

6. God’s Kingdom

God is building an eternal kingdom for his glory. God’s kingdom is bigger than our local church family and so we seek to build God’s kingdom by training, equipping, supporting and sending people from our number to extend God’s kingdom throughout the world (Matthew 9.37-38; 28.16-20; Acts 1.8).

7. God Honouring Relationships

God is Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – dwelling in perfect loving relationship. In Christ, all are invited into that relationship. We value relationships characterised by selfless love, forgiveness, holiness and joy, expressing our oneness in Christ Jesus. In his family we are to exhibit honest, healthy and holy relationships that encourage us toward maturity in Christ (Leviticus 11.44; John 17.20-23; Ephesians 4.1-3; Philippians 2.14-16).

8. God’s Love of the Lost, Least and Last

God seeks out and uses the lost, the least and the last. We acknowledge that we ourselves are poor, weak sinners and that Jesus is our only hope and confidence. We know it is only by grace that we are God’s people in Christ and it is out of our weakness that we invite others to be broken and know the healing there is in Christ. (1 Samuel 16.11; 1 Corinthians 1.26)