What to expect


At our church meetings we do things you might expect if you’ve been to church before. We listen to God’s word from the bible. We hear a bible talk that helps us think about how God’s word asks us to respond. We speak to God in prayer. We sing songs that praise God and affirm what we believe about him. And we spend time just being together in community, helping each other to grow as followers of Jesus.

On any given Sunday, at our church services, you can expect:

  • To be greeted at door where you’ll be greeted and receive a news sheet. The news sheet will help you follow along with the bible talk, and also contains information about what’s happening at church.
  • If it is your first visit you will receive a “welcome to Abbotsford brochure”. Please feel free to ask questions at the door!
  • In the morning service, children join in with adults for the first part of the service  (don't be surprised to hear a baby squawk - that's all part of our community), and then mid-way through the children head off for Kids Church and crèche (during NSW school terms).  All our children’s teachers and helpers are trained and have their Working With Children Check accreditation.
  • There’s a collection of money at each service. This is primarily for our regular members who provide funds for the on-going work of our church, here and elsewhere. If you are a visitor, please allow this to pass by; you are our guest.
  • Feel free to sit anywhere.
  • After morning church we enjoy morning tea in the hall and around the playground.  Likewise, after evening church we share a meal in the back hall.    We are very keen for you to join us.